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Janitorial Cleaning

In Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

Perfection Commercial Services prides itself on the service it provides and the response time to customers. PCS customizes its janitorial programs based on the customer's expectations and facility needs.

What Are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services is the professional cleaning completed in commercial facilities, such as office buildings, medical facilities, factory offices, and schools. PCS does not provide a cookie-cutter janitorial program, rather it develops a custom cleaning plan based on the needs of its customer.

Floor Cleaner
Full Service Commercial Cleaning
Floor Care (All types)
Waste Reduction Consulting
Industrial Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Wall Washing
Window Cleaning (Multi-Level)
Air Duct Cleaning
Exterior Clean Up
Talking on phones

Get A Free Facility Assessment

Have an experienced member of the PCS team complete a facility assessment to determine if your facility can have a more efficient janitorial program in place

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