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Floor Mopping

Employee Training

Training is important to the success of PCS and the support that it provides to its partners. Most of the team members' training is one-on-one training with a member of the PCS leadership team.

Verbal / Video / Demonstrative
Training Information

Hands-On Training

Testing Of Cleaning

Review Of
Work Performed

Employee Screening Process



Job opening posted, primarily to:

  • Michigan Works

  • Job Boards

  • Referrals

  • Social Media



Applicants with experience and/or demonstration of exceptional work ethics are interviewed to determine the following:

  • Interest Level in Job

  • Transportation Needs Satisfied

  • Reliable and Responsible Individual



The top applicant is then chosen to continue the selection process, which involves completion of a successful background screen.



Following the successful completion of all steps above, a new hire date is set to complete proper paperwork and training to begin with PCS.

Employee Training Process

All PCS team members receive the following training from PCS:

  1. Side by side, on the job training for multiple shifts

  2. Administrative task training, including clocking into buildings

  3. Bloodborne pathogen training

  4. Safety and personal protection equipment training

  5. Covid-19 cleaning fundamentals training

Quality Control

Teamwork, Training & Monitoring Quality include:

  • Written work instructions as part of both contract agreements and on-site for cleaner reference.

  • Development of checklists to be used by team members to ensure tasks are being completed.

  • Regular onsite checks by PCS leadership, including building audits.

  • Regular customer surveys to gain input into work being done.

  • Written corrective action if there is a facility issue, including follow-up measures.

  • Regular site reviews, formally and informally, with customers to ensure a proper janitorial program is in place.

Facilities We Train / Specialize In

PCS has high standards of appearance for its facilities. With these standards, PCS has developed cleaning criteria and a high level of detail to follow by all of its team members.


Due to the internal PCS standards, the regulations within some of the industries we clean, and the PCS customized programs, employee training is crucial.


  • Manufacturing and assembly for automotive, aviation, and more

  • Healthcare, including medical offices, surgical centers, and administration

  • Educational

  • Financial, including corporate offices and bank branches

  • Food-grade facilities

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