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Waste Reduction Consulting
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Hiring the right cleaning contractor can make all
the difference in your building's work environment.
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Our fleet of vehicles are outfitted for maximum
delivery & performance to Michigan, Indiana & Ohio.

Janitorial Services

Imagine never having to look
for another janitorial company
again. Picture what that would
be like. No more tedious hours
interviewing for new
janitorial service
companies. No more
broken promises.
No more criticism for
a less than clean office
or building.
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Facility & Food Service Supply

Perfection Commercial Supplies, Inc. currently offers over 20,000 products in the Facility and Food Service categories. We have also created a 2009 "Best Price" Supply Catalog which includes our most highly ordered products.
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Specialty Job Services

Do you need labor provided with management attached? Maybe you need someone to answer phones?
Need someone
to paint the office?
Or how about
20 people to work
on your production
line? We can
handle that too!
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Perfection Commercial Service of Michigan & IndianaAbout Perfection Commercial Services
Perfection Commercial Services, Inc is a janitorial service provider covering Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

We offer services from 1 day per week to 7 days per week and clean all environments. We also have a full supply division and offer free delivery, no minimum orders, inventory control and competitive pricing on over 20,000 products in the facility supply and food service categories.

We value our employees and customers and work hard every day to become the janitorial provider of choice in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Please visit the main menus at the top of the screen to see what we can do for you!

We will meet or exceed the needs of our customers through teamwork, training and continuous improvement of our janitorial services to Michigan, Indiana & Ohio.

Wash Your Hands Video
According to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC),
up to 80 percent of disease
is transmitted through
hand-to-hand contact.

PCS Downloads
Within our download area you
will find health and safety news,
product literature, our certificates,
our company brochure and
much more!
Green Seal Website
Green Seal certifies goods
and services that meet
the highest standards of
environmental quality and

PCS Quality Systems:
Teamwork, Training and
Monitoring Quality

Written work instructions as part of both contract agreement and on site for cleaner reference.

Janitorial work is reviewed by either an on site or off site team leader.

Quarterly Perfection Commercial Services, Inc, quality survey sent out to your facility for input satisfaction.

Written corrective action for your facility issues.

Follow up counter measures to ensure the issues will not repeat themselves

Team leader review of thoroughness of corrective actions and implementation.

Communication of written counter measures to your facility by Perfection Commercial Services, Inc.

Use of a system similar to ISO, but not accredited or registered.

Monthly audits performed by Perfection Commercial Services, Inc. management staff.
Commercial Cleaning Services

We Can Handle Any Environment

Corporate Contacts
Health care
Large & Small Buildings
Full Supply Line & Inventory Control
Daily, Weekly or Monthly Services
Available Day or Night

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